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Standardize, globally

Our latest, ultra-high barrier Aclar film protects drugs across all climates – even Zone 4b.

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Increase profitability

For generics companies, protection, speed and pack size matter – improve all three, and decrease costs, with Aclar film.

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Set yourself apart

Aclar film can help reduce costs, pass stability and display your brand’s unique shape and color.

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Differentiate yourself

For animal health, Aclar film provides cost-effective, brand enhancing solutions for companion animal and livestock products.

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Aclar® is the Optimum Barrier Film Choice
Honeywell Aclar barrier films help pharmaceutical packaging professionals lower their packaging costs, improve the flexibility of their operations, and increase overall profitability. Our films are available in a variety of gauges and barrier levels and protect some of the world’s most important medications in all climates and environments. Aclar film can also reduce overall pack size and is clear, enabling you to uniquely brand your products.

Featured Pharma Segments
Originator Pharmaceutical
Global manufacturers rely on Aclar as their barrier film of choice ​
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Generic Pharmaceutical
Aclar film is helping generics companies save money​
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Some of the most  well-known OTC drugs are protected by Aclar​
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Animal Health
Aclar film for moisture barrier, chemical resistance, inertness​
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Aclar Documentation
Download whitepapers, brochures and typical data sheets.