About Us

For more than 40 years, Honeywell and Aclar® have been the trusted choice for pharmaceutical packaging. Today Aclar thermoformable films are used in a broad range of markets including Originator Pharma, Generic Pharma, OTC and Animal Health packaging.

Aclar films are based on poly-chloro-tri-fluoro-ethylene (PCTFE) fluoropolymer technology and have excellent moisture barrier and chemical stability properties. Aclar Films are:

  • crystal clear
  • biochemically inert
  • chemical-resistant
  • nonflammable
  • plasticizer and stabilizer free

They can facilitate increased patient compliance with see-through, portable and patient-friendly pack presentations. They allow you to utilize a flexible, efficient thermoforming packaging platform for even your most demanding drug applications.

The Honeywell team has significant experience supporting the pharmaceutical industry with Aclar film. Our on-the-ground Honeywell resources in China, Japan, India, North America, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East including labs in the US, China and India work in conjunction with a Laminate Supplier Network of authorized converter partners to provide you with superior service and support in your packaging needs.

Take advantage of our considerable experience. At Honeywell, our focus is to make your packaging work for you, your brand, and your business. Contact Us to learn how we can address your barrier packaging challenges.