Animal Health

Aclar® for Animal Health

As Animal Health pharmaceutical manufacturers, you face a variety of packaging challenges in bringing your products to market. For companion animal products, packaging that appeals to the consumer and promotes your brand is important. Livestock products have different needs; cost effective packaging that protects the product is the necessity. Aclar moisture barrier films enable a cost effective thermoforming packaging platform that protect your product and provide options for brand enhancement.

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Animal Health imageAnimal Health formulations sometimes require different protection than their counterparts designed for humans. Flavoring is often added to encourage the animal to consume the medication and retaining that flavor is important. Complex formulations are common and a package with high chemical resistance is needed to protect the drug. Blocking chemical odors may also be a need. The physical properties of Aclar films give you the protection to bring your innovative drug products to market. With Aclar you get:​

  • High chemical resistance
  • Superior moisture barrier at accelerated ICH testing conditions
  • Non-flavor scalping
  • High aroma barrier

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animal-health-veterinarian-cowAclar film enables you to bring cost-effective, differentiated, brand enhancing packaging solutions to market. With Aclar you gain:

  • Packaging solutions for ‘ease of use’
  • A wide range of thicknesses for the appropriate moisture barrier protection
  • Ability to add oxygen and light barriers to laminate structure
  • Expertise to assist you in speed to market
  • Efficient thermoforming platform that provides operational efficiencies

pharmaceutical-originator-supportAclar for Flexibility and Brand Enhancement

Honeywell understands the similar yet distinct needs of Animal Health packaging and offers a broad range of services from barrier prediction and stability support to packaging line optimization and economic analysis. Let our technical team including lab resources in the U.S., China and India, help you determine which Aclar film is the right barrier for you. Honeywell offers:

Stability testing support

  • Stability protocol recommendations
  • Weight Gain Studies
  • Stability trial support, thermoforming trials

Barrier performance optimization for your package

  • Barrier material selection and theoretical barrier calculations
  • Thermoform cavity design and optimization
  • Tooling design best practices and analysis

Equipment efficiency optimization

  • Blister packaging line optimization
  • Thermoforming workshops and operator training
  • Process optimization and tailored on-site training programs

Cost reduction analysis and support

  • See how pack size and speed affect packaging economics using proprietary costing tools
  • Singular drug, portfolio and multi-site savings identification
  • Package design layout

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Honeywell tools address a range of common technical and business challenges.

Aclar® Films Thermoforming Guideline
Although the thermoforming properties of the Aclar laminate are essentially defined by the substrate material to which it is laminated, there are recommended guidelines to follow to produce a high quality Aclar blister.​

Tooling Design Best Practices for Aclar® Films
This guide allows you to optimize the barrier performance of you blister and increase the shelf life of your finished package. Aclar laminates do not require special tooling; however by following these best practices, you can maximize the performance of the Aclar film laminates you are considering.​

Aclar® Films UltRx 6000 Technical Guide
​Learn how to successfully design and thermoform an ultra-high barrier blister using a laminate made with the newest Honeywell product – Aclar® UltRx 6000 Film.​

Instructions for Using Polarized Film​
These instructions explain how to use polarized film for a simple, quick, non-destructive, qualitative test of blister cards. The test can be performed immediately after thermoforming and sealing to reveal any stress-forming in your blisters.

Thermoforming Packaging Economic Analysis​
This quick and easy proprietary costing tool will help you determine the cost of your packaging versus alternative Cold Form Foil (CFF or Alu/Alu) packaging.

Avoid Delays – How to Ensure Your Blister Passes Stability
Package integrity is integral to a successful drug launch. This white paper covers three guiding principles relevant to barrier films that you can employ to reduce the risk of failure, understand the barrier required to pass stability and avoid over-packaging and potential delay.

Addressing Complex Needs of Pharmaceutical Stakeholders via Ultra-High-Barrier Thermoformed Packaging
A successful drug launch requires you to balance a wide range of differing needs. Globalization itself brings with it the need for better shelf life, simplified supply chains, and greater productivity.

Aclar FAQs

Q: What services and support do Honeywell offer?

A: Honeywell offers a wide range of services; our goal is to support you from concept to launch. We provide support for tooling design and stability trial testing, barrier and economic calculators, packaging design support and more. Please contact us to help us solve your packaging challenges.

Q: Are there any specific safety issues when thermoforming Aclar laminates?

A: Under normal processing conditions, there are no additional precautions required to ensure a safe working environment when thermoforming Aclar laminates. For those operations that expose the laminate to higher temperatures (up to 290º C), Honeywell recommends the use of local exhaust ventilation at the point of fume generation. Please reference the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for additional information.​

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